Your dream car on a mountain pass road in the alps, or driving along a coastal road and the turquoise blue ocean in the background.....

You will receive the unique art piece of your dream car!


For that, you only need to send me a picture, or a describtion of the car of your choice and of the background you dream of. It can be totally different than the one on the template. 


I personally like it very much, if the background is painted in color and as detailed as possible and the car is sketched in black shades and so stands out against the background.


Then you need to decide the size and the style of the art piece I will paint for you. Do you want a watercolour painting on paper, or acryl on canvas


I'm delited to support you, taking the right decision.

Please contact me directly!

Bettina Steffen,, +41 79 522 33 32







total size, in square inches    x  number by a set dollar    = price of the art piece


I price my watercolour painting on paper at $1.2 per square inch

I price my acryl on canvas at $1.5 per square inch



watercolour       8" x 11"    x     1.2     = $ 105

acryl               12" x 16"    x    1.5      = $ 288


50% of the total amount should be paid in advance as a guarantee for the order.

The remaining amount within 30 days from the date of invoice. (prepayment of the whole amount is always welcome!)


The estimated delivery time 4-6 weeks (EU 3-4 weeks, USA/World 4-6 weeks)



shipping costs:                                 EU       USA     World

canvas    max. size 40" x 16"            $20       $45      $20

paper     max. size 14" x 10"             $11        $20      $56